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 Raiding with Endless Scream

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PostSubject: Raiding with Endless Scream   Raiding with Endless Scream EmptyWed Aug 12, 2009 1:10 am

Here you'll find any and everything you need to know about raiding within Endless Scream.

Raid Times
Wednesday 20:00-23:30
Sunday 20:00-23:30
Monday 20:00-23:30
Thursday 20:00-23:30

1) As a general rule of thumb expect the raids to go (a little) past the endtime, even more so if we're close to new progession.
2) We expect every member to atleast attend 75% of the raids per month. You 'sign up' for a raid simply by being online, at the meeting stone, when the invites start.
3) If you cannot raid a certain night, please let us know through this forum. Make a topic like "Myuna unavailable 01-11-08" and write in the topic why you can't come.
4) Raid invites will start 15 minutes prior to the times presented above. The times listed above are the times the raid will actually start. Invitations will be handed out to those present at the meeting stone. If you're not present at the meeting stone, you won't get a raidinvitation, and thus will be flagged as 'Not Attending'.

Before the raid even starts we expect you to have your stuff sorted, being:
- You are actually outside the raidinstance when the invites are handed out (15 minutes prior to raidstart), at the meeting stone.
- You have enough elixirs/flasks/food/oils/bandages/reagents to make it through a whole raid. (Take 4 hours as a guideline)
- You have repaired fully.
- You have read the tactics posted on these forums.
- You have all necessary addons/software (even class-specific ones, see classforums) installed.

1) Tactics will be posted on these forums, which you should read so you fully understand what'll be going on during bossfights. If you read/understand these tactics, you'll reply with a /signed post.
2) Failure in being fully prepared leads to no raid invitation and/or other consequences.

- Whenever the Raidleaders are explaining something about a tactic on Ventrilo, please sit back and listen. IE don't talk in Ventrilo and leave the raidchannel as clean as possible.
- No posting of damagemeters in the raidchannel. We're raiding as a guild, it's a guildeffort. We don't wish to know, during the raid, who outDPSed or outhealed who. WoL will be running every single raid for recap AFTER the raid.
- We expect you to follow the tactics posted on the forums and maintained by the Raidleaders. There's little room for personal glory, we're running a guild not a competition.

1) Failure into having the right attitude will lead to a raidkick and/or other consequences.

'Swapping Out' & 'On Call'
- You are expected to be flexible into 'Swapping Out' of a raid if the raidsetup requires us to. For instance, if we're short on healers for boss X we can ask you to sit out this boss so we can actually down it.
- When you are not invited into the raid, because it was full, you're expected to be 'On Call'. Meaning, that you are ready whenever we whisper you to swap into the raidinstance. This means that you have to be inside the raidinstance within 10 minutes of the whisper asking you to swap in, fully prepared ofcourse.

Addons / Programs
In order to be invited to a raid, you must meet the above mentioned criteria and also have atleast the following addons/software installed:
- Ventrilo so you can hear us and we can hear you.
- Deadly Boss Mods a must-have for every raider.
- Omen A threatmeter.

1) Failure into having installed the necessary addons/software will result in no raidinvite and/or other consequences.
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Raiding with Endless Scream
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