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 Endless Scream Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Endless Scream Guild Rules   Endless Scream Guild Rules EmptyWed Aug 12, 2009 1:09 am

Endless Scream is a guild that aims for hardcore PvE end-game content in World of Warcraft.
In order to do so, there are guild rules which we take serious and we obviously expect from our members to do so aswell.
Please, make your application from the main site page.

- You must be 18 or over and act mature and responsible.
* You represent Endless Scream the moment you got accepted into this guild. This means behave yourself; not only in the giuld but also outside when you are in a PuG or just talking with someone else in game. When we notice you have a bad attitude we will act appropiately towards this.

- Be able to attend atleast 75% of the raids per month.
* Endless Scream is a semi-hardcore raiding guild that aims for end-game content, in order to do so we need to be sure we can rely on our members to be active. Further Raidrules and what we expect from you during raids you can find here.

- You know your class inside out in every sense of the word
* You know every little aspect of your class and are willing to read up on changes in class mechanics (after patches, for example). This will be discussed in class specific forums and we expect you to take an active role in this. This also means you have the right gear, right enchants, right gems and right spec to optimize your raid role.

- Dedication and General Activity
* We expect every member to be dedicated. This means you show up for raids, you are willing to respec when the situation asks you to. This also means we expect you to read and use the forums acitve, meaning take an active role in discusions and say what is on your mind but keep it clean. We don't want any blaming or flaming going on, when you have something to nag about you can turn to one of the officers.

- Loot
* We work with the EPGP system. Check the loot system thread.
* To be able to get an item you should have minimum 30000 EP even if the item goes for shard unless officers decide something else.

- Main or alt
* We dont allow alts in the raids. This means that we want you to gear up your main prior to your alt. We dont invite trial-alts.
* You join us with the character you apply with, this means this will be your main. Make sure you want to raid long with this character because we dont alow main changes.

We work with ranks meaning that when you join Endless Scream you will get the rank Trial. It's up to you how long it will take to get promoted to Member. This will take atleast 4 weeks, so both you and us got plenty of time to check if this will work or not. If you're dedicated enough, you might get promoted to Raider. These players get priority on loot, and they do get priority on raid spots as well.

Failure in anyway to commit to any guildrules will result in a warning. You got time to fix this - If you dont it'll result in a guildkick.

When you wish to join Endless Scream, we expect an application on our forum. We dont take in-game applications or interviews. Before you can write your application, you'll need to register to our forums, do so by going here.
After you've registered please go here to read more about how to leave your application.
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Endless Scream Guild Rules
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