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 fury warr ***DENIED***

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fury warr ***DENIED*** Empty
PostSubject: fury warr ***DENIED***   fury warr ***DENIED*** EmptyMon Aug 30, 2010 11:19 am

Real name : gerlando
Real age : 19
Country & timezone :italy +1
Playing time availability :1-6 hours
What connection do you have? :hsdpa
Have you read up on guild and raid rules and willing to hold on these? :yes
WOW Character name :darkgerli
Level, Class, Race :lv 80 WARRIOR night elf
Character played time :2-5 min
Character MAIN spec :fury
Reason for having your current spec : becouse i like dps
Link to Armory profile : http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Kul+Tiras&cn=Darkgerli
List of your alts if any :darkhunty(lv 43 dwarf hunter) deaththekid(lv 71 draenei DK)
Previous guilds (including current), and reason for leaving : rinascimento the guild was disbanded,legione perduta levelling guild i leave becouse i search a raiding guild,devil reject all have leaving becouse the gl have leave
Raid experience : icc 10 11/12,icc 25 8/12, RS10 i do 3 miniboss, toc cleared,ony cleared,naxxramas cleared,ulduar 10 first 6 boss,voa cleared
Do you have a problem using and obtaining flasks for raids? : nope
We may need to rotate members in certain fights / bosses. Do you have a problem with that? : no
Reputation with
Argent Crusade : exalted
Kirin Tor : exalted
Knights of the Ebon Blade : friendly
The Sons of Hodir : exalted
The Wyrmrest Accord : revered
Why I want to join Endless scream : becouse i looking for a good raiding guild
How can I help Endless scream : with my good dps try me if you want
Do you know anyone in Endless scream? : nope
Optional things you want to share with us :nothing

im very sorry pls reaccepted me Sad
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fury warr ***DENIED*** Empty
PostSubject: Re: fury warr ***DENIED***   fury warr ***DENIED*** EmptyTue Aug 31, 2010 5:41 am

Sorry Dargerli, but we have discussed this and we stay on our decision.

< Ythaxina - Neya >

fury warr ***DENIED*** Sig-1787263

fury warr ***DENIED*** Sig-1787260
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fury warr ***DENIED***
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