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 Holy / disc priest! ***DENIED***

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Holy / disc priest! ***DENIED*** Empty
PostSubject: Holy / disc priest! ***DENIED***   Holy / disc priest! ***DENIED*** EmptySun Aug 22, 2010 7:57 am

Real name : Rasmus.

Real age : 20

Country & timezone : Denmark +1

Playing time availability : 19-00,00

What connection do you have? : dont know really but never lag or dc.

Have you read up on guild and raid rules and willing to hold on these? : Yes

WOW Character name : Sofie

Level, Class, Race : 80, Priest, Draenei

Character played time : 20 days, 12 of them in 80

Character MAIN spec : Holy or dics depends on what the guilds wants me to play.

Reason for having your current spec : Like to heal think its the best there is.

Link to Armory profile : http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Kul+Tiras&cn=Sofie there we go.
List your Glyphs (both major and minor, if possible link from http://www.wowhead.com)

for dics


Minor i use http://www.wowhead.com/item=43374 for both specs. Only one need to be linked tbh.



List of your alts if any : Silra dk horde on deathwing, Savita on Jaedenar. Scorch kul tiras, trenety kul tiras.

Previous guilds (including current), and reason for leaving : Ive been in Synthesis but had to take a break from the game cos of IRL stuff.

List your attunements (including pre 2.4 attunements, answers like "attumenents not needed any more" are not accepted) : Got them all.

Raid experience : ill only do this for TBC and WOTLK. In TBC i cleared all till 2nd boss in sunwell. On my druid, Done everything in WOTLK so far on my warlock Savita cleared to LK 25 man heroic and had some trys on him, On my priest ive killed all bosses on heroic but, Lady deathwhisper, The deathbring, putricide and sindragosa

Link to a recent WWS-report : I sadly dont have any with my priest.

Do you have a problem using and obtaining flasks for raids? : Nope.

We may need to rotate members in certain fights / bosses. Do you have a problem with that? : Nope.

Reputation with
Argent Crusade :
Kirin Tor :
Knights of the Ebon Blade :
The Sons of Hodir :
The Wyrmrest Accord :
Exalted with all on my druid so can get the enchants.

Why I want to join Endless scream : My warlocks guilds stop playin so im looking for a new home and hope es can be that new home,

How can I help Endless scream : im there 99% of the time, im never emo know what im doing and are playing my class well.

Do you know anyone in Endless scream? : Yeah i know quit a few but its been a while.

Optional things you want to share with us : Nope nothing.
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Holy / disc priest! ***DENIED*** Empty
PostSubject: Re: Holy / disc priest! ***DENIED***   Holy / disc priest! ***DENIED*** EmptySun Aug 22, 2010 8:51 am

Sorry but due to ur history with Endless Scream i cannot offer u a trial / raid spot.

Thx for ur interests again but sorry.

< Ythaxina - Neya >

Holy / disc priest! ***DENIED*** Sig-1787263

Holy / disc priest! ***DENIED*** Sig-1787260
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Holy / disc priest! ***DENIED***
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