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 Hight - Paladin - Prot / Retri ***DENIED***

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Hight - Paladin - Prot / Retri ***DENIED*** Empty
PostSubject: Hight - Paladin - Prot / Retri ***DENIED***   Hight - Paladin - Prot / Retri ***DENIED*** EmptySun Aug 22, 2010 5:38 am

Real name : Peter

Real age : 19

Country & timezone : Denmark +1 (same as server time)

Playing time availability : 7 days a week, from around 17 till 23.30

What connection do you have? : 10/1 Its very stable and never have any D/C due to that

Have you read up on guild and raid rules and willing to hold on these? : Yes

WOW Character name : Hight

Level, Class, Race : 80 Paladin draenei

Character played time : 74days 62 in level 80

Character MAIN spec : Normaly Prot, but i enjoy playing Retri too, so i Can play both, and i have experience raiding with both specs in ICC 25.

Reason for having your current spec : Prot: reason i choose this spec is, that i find it as the best spec for threat and AoE tanking. Retri: Not really any special here, just the normal DPS spec, which should do most dmg,

Link to Armory profile : http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Kul+Tiras&cn=Hight

List your Glyphs (both major and minor, if possible link from http://www.wowhead.com)
http://www.wowhead.com/item=43869 This Glyph Could/should be changed to http://www.wowhead.com/item=41103 because im exp capped

List of your alts if any :
Findme - Horde - Kul tiras
Nischa - Alliance - Kul tiras

Previous guilds (including current), and reason for leaving : synthesis, but due to vacation and exame i was inactive and got demoted to social. and now the guild pretty much disbanded

List your attunements (including pre 2.4 attunements, answers like "attumenents not needed any more" are not accepted) : on my Paladin i dont really got any attuments, since its made in WotLK. i do got most on my rogue.

Raid experience :
Ulduar 13/14
ToGC10 - Mad skill
ToC25 - 5/5
ICC10 - Normal 12/12
ICC10 - Heroic 9/12
ICC25 - Normal 12/12
ICC25 - Heroic 7/12

Link to a recent WWS-report : I dont got any WWS from any reacent raid, im sorry.

Do you have a problem using and obtaining flasks for raids? : No i always bring food / flask for raids

We may need to rotate members in certain fights / bosses. Do you have a problem with that? : fair enough

Reputation with
Argent Crusade : Exalted
Kirin Tor : Exalted
Knights of the Ebon Blade : Exalted
The Sons of Hodir : Exalted
The Wyrmrest Accord : Exalted

Why I want to join Endless scream : Had a break from raiding and wanted to get back into it, and Endless Scream seemed like the guild, and i Know some few People in there.

How can I help Endless scream : I can help with some good tanking skills, or a good stable DPS, and high attendance

Do you know anyone in Endless scream? : Camaris, Consecrator, Macar, Arose but there might be more, but haven't seen anyone ells,
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Hight - Paladin - Prot / Retri ***DENIED*** Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hight - Paladin - Prot / Retri ***DENIED***   Hight - Paladin - Prot / Retri ***DENIED*** EmptySun Aug 22, 2010 8:53 am

Sorry but due to ur history with Endless Scream i cannot offer u a trial / raid spot.

Thx for ur interests again but sorry.

< Ythaxina - Neya >

Hight - Paladin - Prot / Retri ***DENIED*** Sig-1787263

Hight - Paladin - Prot / Retri ***DENIED*** Sig-1787260
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Hight - Paladin - Prot / Retri ***DENIED***
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