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 Whops - Warrior - DPS ***CLOSED***

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Whops - Warrior - DPS ***CLOSED*** Empty
PostSubject: Whops - Warrior - DPS ***CLOSED***   Whops - Warrior - DPS ***CLOSED*** EmptySun Aug 22, 2010 5:37 am

Real name : Orla

Real age : 20

Country & timezone : Denmark +1 (same as server time)

Playing time availability : 7 days a week, from around 17 till 01.00

What connection do you have? : 10/1 Its very stable and never have any D/C due to that

Have you read up on guild and raid rules and willing to hold on these? : Yes

WOW Character name : Whops

Level, Class, Race : 80 Warrior Night elf

Character played time : 33 days. 24 in level 80.

Character MAIN spec : Normaly fury, but got prot as off spec but dont rly use it much. if more needed i got np playing arms

Reason for having your current spec : fury coz i like it a bit better then arms

Link to Armory profile : http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Kul+Tiras&cn=Whops

List your Glyphs (both major and minor, if possible link from http://www.wowhead.com)
glyph of cleaveing
glyph of vigilance
glyph of devastate
(its what i find best for HC 5 man)
glyph of cleaving
glyph of heroic strike
glyph of whirlwind
reason i dont use execute like some warriors do it that if you just do normal rotation insted of execute spam you get a bit more dps, same reason why i dont have execute talent

List of your alts if any :
heaaly paladin - Alliance - Kul tiras

Previous guilds (including current), and reason for leaving : last i was in a guild was when i played horde and that was just with some friends and we got to sindragosa and got it down to 2%, and this was befor there came any buff in icc.

List your attunements (including pre 2.4 attunements, answers like "attumenents not needed any more" are not accepted) : dont got any but there is no need for any in WoTLK

Raid experience :
Ulduar 12/14
ToGC10 - Mad skill
ToC25 - 5/5
ICC10 - Normal 10/12
ICC10 - Heroic 0/12
ICC25 - Normal 6/12
ICC25 - Heroic 0/12

Link to a recent WWS-report : I dont got any WWS from any reacent raid, im sorry.

Do you have a problem using and obtaining flasks for raids? : No i always bring food / flask for raids

We may need to rotate members in certain fights / bosses. Do you have a problem with that? : fair enough

Reputation with
Argent Crusade : Exalted
Kirin Tor : Exalted
Knights of the Ebon Blade : Exalted
The Sons of Hodir : Exalted
The Wyrmrest Accord : Exalted

Why I want to join Endless scream : Had a break from raiding and wanted to get back into it, and Endless Scream seemed like the guild, and i Know some few People in there. and i pay a lot with hight and we thought of trying out with es first since we have been here befor

How can I help Endless scream : I can help with some good dps skills, and high attendance

Do you know anyone in Endless scream? : Camaris, Consecrator, Macar, Arose but there might be more, but haven't seen anyone ells.. and btw when i last was in the guild i was holylover/darkbringe
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Whops - Warrior - DPS ***CLOSED*** Empty
PostSubject: Re: Whops - Warrior - DPS ***CLOSED***   Whops - Warrior - DPS ***CLOSED*** EmptySun Aug 22, 2010 8:56 am

Hi and thanx for ur interests but however u should make an app with ur own forumaccount.

Therefor we'll close this topic for now.

< Ythaxina - Neya >

Whops - Warrior - DPS ***CLOSED*** Sig-1787263

Whops - Warrior - DPS ***CLOSED*** Sig-1787260
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Whops - Warrior - DPS ***CLOSED***
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