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 Aplication Form ***ACCEPTED***

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Aplication Form ***ACCEPTED*** Empty
PostSubject: Aplication Form ***ACCEPTED***   Aplication Form ***ACCEPTED*** EmptySat Aug 14, 2010 3:25 pm

Real name : Jakub Baldyga
Real age : 28
Country & timezone : London Time (-1)
Playing time availability : Mostly every day (slight problems when i need to take care of my daughter)
What connection do you have? : 10 Mb/s (once or twice DC)
Have you read up on guild and raid rules and willing to hold on these? : Yes
WOW Character name : Golkinad
Level, Class, Race : 80 - Hunter - Night Elf
Character played time : 140 days .... and countin
Character MAIN spec : Marksmanship
Reason for having your current spec : With the available abilities in MM tree you can do a hell lots of damage, missdrirectin or using traps which helps a lot in several places.
Link to Armory profile : http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Kul+Tiras&cn=Golkinad
List your Glyphs (both major and minor, if possible link from )
List of your alts if any :
Golkiheros - 80 lvl Resto Shammy 47... GS
Previous guilds (including current), and reason for leaving : Knights of Poland - lack of raids (probably of Summer)
List your attunements (including pre 2.4 attunements, answers like "attumenents not needed any more" are not accepted) :
So if I write All of them :]
Raid experience : Naxx 10/25, Ulduar 10/25, Icc 10/25, TBC Raids (Sunwell, BT, SSC, TK, Gruul, Maggy), Classic Raids (ALL)
Link to a recent WWS-report : sry dont have any
Do you have a problem using and obtaining flasks for raids? : NO
We may need to rotate members in certain fights / bosses. Do you have a problem with that? : NO
Reputation with
Argent Crusade : Exalted
Kirin Tor :
Knights of the Ebon Blade : Exalted
The Sons of Hodir : Exalted
The Wyrmrest Accord : Exalted

Why I want to join Endless scream : Curiosity how a HardCore raidin looks like
How can I help Endless scream : can't think about anything atm nut we can see on couple raids how thiss will work
Do you know anyone in Endless scream? : NO
Optional things you want to share with us : Ask what you want to know and ill be delighted to share INFO with you
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Aplication Form ***ACCEPTED*** Empty
PostSubject: Re: Aplication Form ***ACCEPTED***   Aplication Form ***ACCEPTED*** EmptySat Aug 14, 2010 4:53 pm

Gear Wise is optimal , am totally clueless about hunter specs, so i wont comment at all your spec and glyphs.
furthermore since you are using the NES trinket , you should know that the optimal armor penetration raiting is 1400
with simple maths means 1400-678 [NES PROC] = 722 armor penetration rating . you have 200 armor penetration raiting that the one you
curently need . means when your trinket procs you loose optimal dps compared with case you have swap some gems to agility and have only
~ 800 armor penetration rating . ofc if you ever change NES you will have to go for the hard cap 1400 armor penetration.hit rating is correct.

an officer is going to reply you soon, thanks for apply and good luck in your application

/ Arpya

P.S. : Nerf Warlocks.
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Aplication Form ***ACCEPTED*** Empty
PostSubject: Re: Aplication Form ***ACCEPTED***   Aplication Form ***ACCEPTED*** EmptySat Aug 14, 2010 4:59 pm

Hi and thank you for you're interests in Endless Scream.

Feel free to contact me in-game.

Aplication Form ***ACCEPTED*** Icon_cheers < Ythaxina - Neya > Aplication Form ***ACCEPTED*** Icon_cheers

Aplication Form ***ACCEPTED*** Sig-1787263

Aplication Form ***ACCEPTED*** Sig-1787260
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Aplication Form ***ACCEPTED*** Empty
PostSubject: Re: Aplication Form ***ACCEPTED***   Aplication Form ***ACCEPTED*** Empty

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Aplication Form ***ACCEPTED***
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