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 Death Knight. ***DENIED***

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Death Knight. ***DENIED*** Empty
PostSubject: Death Knight. ***DENIED***   Death Knight. ***DENIED*** EmptyFri Jul 30, 2010 7:50 am

Hello, im a Death Knight Dps Unholy, with 5.7 k gs.
I would like to join Endless scream, cause ur progress seems to be good. im a very experience raider. my main killed LK 10m normal mode.
i do also have experience in 25man.
my Old guilds is Vengeance & Moonlight Council.
iam 18 years old. and speak english very well. i can raid every day in week. sometimes not friday Smile
I have Ventrilo / Team Speak / Mumble / Skype Smile.
I Play World of Warcraft & Starcraft - i played wow 5 years now. so quite experienced.
If u need more info about me. Write in-game to my DK called Levita* thank you.
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Death Knight. ***DENIED*** Empty
PostSubject: Re: Death Knight. ***DENIED***   Death Knight. ***DENIED*** EmptyFri Jul 30, 2010 7:56 am

First of all, if you would read the guild rules and the other sticky subjects you would have noticed that we have a template to follow to apply.

Second if you take so less time in writing an apply than i'm thinking how much you are caring

Sorry but for those 2 reasons => Declined

If you ever want to join ES than make sure you read the sticky threads and use the template .. thx


Death Knight. ***DENIED*** Sig-1787263

Death Knight. ***DENIED*** Sig-1787260
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Death Knight. ***DENIED***
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