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 EPGP Loot system

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PostSubject: EPGP Loot system   EPGP Loot system EmptyWed May 19, 2010 10:36 am

The Effort Points / Gear Points system

In order for this to work, ALL members are required to install these addons :

EPGP dkp reloaded : this is the core addon.

EPGP Lootmaster : this makes loot distribution much easier as a popup window will appear on your screen asking you to decide if you need an item or not. No whispers to the masterlooter are needed. And yes, even if you don't masterloot, you need this addon for it to work.

NOTE : No addons, no loot.

These addons do not need to be configured. Just enable them before an official 25-man raid and you're good to go. When you're in a 5-man or 10-man pug, you may want to disable them especially if you're the pug's masterlooter.

When a boss is killed and looted, everyone is credited EP. You'll then get popup windows for each item you can use or are eligible for. The options presented to you will be : Mainspecc, Offspecc, PVP, Pass. Priority will be treated in that order : Main specc > Offspecc > PVP. You can also add a note to your vote, for example to state the amount of emblems you have or why you want the item. The lootmaster and officers will decide who gets what based on each person's Priority score. Once you receive an item, you'll receive a certain amount of Gear Points depending on the item.

The addon is there to help officers decide in all fairness. But officers are not forced to follow its recommendation always. Under certain circumstances, officers will decide to distribute loot differently. Examples : A tank with slightly less priority than another wants a tanking item but it's a major upgrade for him and not at all for the other ; or when someone is abusing the offspecc vote. Etc...

These addons don't use up much memory because they use the built-in guild officer notes to work and only save two numbers for each member. In your officer notes, you might see something like : 12456,256. This means you have 12456 Effort Points and 256 Gear Points. Your priority = 12456 / 256 = 48,65. The higher your priority points, the higher your priority on loot obviously.

For more information on this system, check EPGP home page.

Current settings (these settings are written in the ingame guild information tab) :

@BASE_GP : 100 => at the start everyone is awarded a base GP of 100 so as to avoid dividing by 0.
@DECAY_P : 10 => once a week (Monday night after the raid), both your EP and GP will lose 10% of their value. Your PR therefore stays the same, until you reach the base GP limit, then your priority will drop increasingly.
@MIN_EP : 30000 => the minimal EP to be eligible for loot. With a normal trial period, a player would have around 45000.
@EXTRAS_P : 100 => if you are in the raid group but on standby out of the instance, you are awarded 100% of the standard recurring EP every 15min.

To see the global guild EPGP rankings, type /epgp.

At the moment you'll be awarded :
EPGP Loot system Icon_arrow 1000 EP for normal boss kills
EPGP Loot system Icon_arrow 2000 EP for first boss kills
EPGP Loot system Icon_arrow 500 EP for wipes on progress encounters
EPGP Loot system Icon_arrow 0 EP for wipes on known encounters
EPGP Loot system Icon_arrow 100 EP every 15min you're in the raid group inside the instance or on standby outside

To check your EPGP standing type /epgp.

If you want to read up on how the system works, check the official website here.

To make a long story short, your priority on loot (PR) is calculated by dividing your Effort Points (EP) by your Gear points (GP). PR = EP / GP. Both EP and GP decay by 10% every week so your EP/GP ratio doesn't change but old effort and gear points count for less over time. The more effort you put into raiding, the higher priority you get. At the same time, the more loot you take the less priority you get. You receive higher GP for mainspecc gear than for offspecc gear so you shouldn't be afraid of taking an offspecc item. It won't hurt your priority that much. Mainspecc is worth 100% of its GP value and Offspecc is worth 10% of its value. For example, an item worth 350 GPas mainspecc will cost you 35 GP for offspecc. Priority goes to mainspecc ofc. PVP gear is free and the system uses a random roll.

Priority on loot follows this rule : Officer = Raider > Member > Trial = Friend.
This means officers and raiders have the same priority level which is above the prio level shared by members and members have priority level which is above the prio level shared by trials and friends. Raiders have an advantage over members on spots in the raid group and on loot.

Important note : as EPGP uses built-in guild officer notes, /gquit causes the loss of these notes. We do backup the Logs but some work is needed to restore lost points. So please be aware that if you /gquit and come back, we'll restore your GP (letting you reset GP wouldn't be fair, huh) and you will have 0 EP.

Fixed by Arose 22/April/2010 (fixed the prio between raider members)

EPGP Loot system Arose51ex4

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EPGP Loot system
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